Preserving Wood Furniture

Why It Is Important to Preserve Wood

Wood is a natural material that absorbs and releases moisture. It is important to apply the appropriate wood stain treatment to ensure this important exchange is not prevented. If outdoor wood is not cared for, it will eventually crack into pieces and rot.

When lumber has been sufficiently chemically treated it can last for decades, and although there are many examples of wood that contain varying degrees of natural wood preservatives, it is inevitable that all species will crack after significant exposure to water. The cracks that appear in an external wood starts as tiny cracks. When water enters the wood it causes it to expand and as it dries it contracts. It is this movement that results in the small cracks. When water penetrates, it soaks deep into the wood and causes greater expansion and contraction which ultimately leads to wider and deeper cracks.

When applying exterior wood finishes, you need to consider the essential requirements. Your outdoor timber needs to be able to withstand the elements as well as provide an appealing aesthetic. A high-quality wood stain will provide you with an attractive decorative finish as well as protection from all kinds of weather. The coating you use needs to have elasticity in order to cope with the contraction and expansion of the timber. This assures you that your structure will not split and crack.

In addition, the pigments need to be of the highest quality as they provide a protective barrier between the wood and the damaging effects of the sun. It is important to use a wood stain that features high-caliber pigments to be sure of adequately protecting your wood. There are certain species of timber that will require preservative treatment of the bare timber before the protective coating is applied.

Preservatives are specially designed and formulated to prevent fungal attacks on the surface of the timber and should be applied to some species of hardwood and all softwoods. Essentially, all protective coatings need to be able to absorb UV rays and offer durability and flexibility as well as long-term protection. Additionally, they must feature water repellents, translucent pigments and be fade resistant.

We carry a range of exterior wood finishes that combine visual enhancement with practical benefits. Our collection includes extreme water-based wood stain products, advanced wood preservers, gloss stain for white wood, natural oil wood stain products in a variety of colours.