Rustic Furniture & Pallet Furniture
Rustic as well as modern furniture such as coffee tables bookshelves, benches you name it chances are if you see it on Pinterest we can make it. 

Log Tables & Decor

Each log has its own characteristics, the hardest part is finding the right log for you but once we have the log that catches your heart we treat the wood for longevity and then we get to work to make it a beautiful piece of artistic furniture that will make all your friends jealous. 

Decor and Centerpieces

Centrepieces for weddings, restaurants or just to have as a conversation starter in the middle of a dining table or coffee table. 

Custom Projects 

We also do custom projects for just about anything. 

How it works & Payment 

Before getting started we need to know what the project entails and the types of materials to be used. Then we look at what the expectations of the project are and what the end result must look like. Once we have all that out the way we quote and discuss time frames. For every project, we require that the materials are paid upfront and the rest be paid on completion of the project. You can also supply us with your own materials.